Okay, let’s switch gears

Originally, I had meant for this to be a book review blog, but then I stopped reading. Even when I did read, it wasn’t anything other people weren’t reviewing. This blog has been sitting here for almost two years doing nothing, so let’s try something new.

Instead of JUST book reviews, why don’t I write about my new love – skincare? Sure, there are a bunch of other skin care review sites, but this will be through the eyes of that person who is like, “Hm, everyone likes this product and analyzes its ingredients, but this other one is pink so let’s get that.” I’m also still a novice when it comes to skincare, so it will be like some journey in finding oneself. Pretty much, I’m writing the kind of blog I wish I had when I was discovering Korean skincare.

Other topics may include anime reviews, album reviews, bitching and general blog posts.

This is a new beginning. A blog rescue. [LikeĀ Bar Rescue, except less yelling.]

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